Fantastic Experience

We had a fantastic experience with Carol Ann and Stephen. Their experience in the Park Cities market was so helpful in setting the selling price for our home. They also gave expert guidance on the repairs and upgrades that made the most sense as we prepared our home for sale. And when we staged our home for photos Carol Ann worked hand-in-hand with us cleaning and arranging in the last hours to help us meet our deadline. That was truly above and beyond. This resulted in us selling our home within the first three days of listing culminating in Carol Ann staying up most of the night to communicate our offer to us while we were overseas in a different time zone. We know Pryor Zelley played a huge role in our success selling our home so swiftly and at our listing price. Carol Ann and Stephen were so patient with us as we looked for the right home to purchase also in the Park Cities.

We visited over 20 homes together. We never felt pushed to a particular option but appreciated the experienced thoughtful observations and suggestions they provided throughout our home shopping process. There is a fine line between feeling advised and managed; between guidance and diligence and Pryor Zelley always struck exactly the right chord in that regard.

We took advantage of their great network of contractors and trades as we looked at various options on various houses. And when we finally made our offer we appreciated our trusted advisors helping us through the process of the offer amount and terms inspection negotiation and closing. We have now been in our new home for 5 months and are thrilled with where we ended up.