Highly Recommend

When it came time for me to relocate my family I was very dubious about enlisting a real-estate agent. I’ve spent several years in direct sales and so I’m somewhat distrustful of salespeople in general and I’ve also had mixed experiences with real estate agents in the past. However we had heard good things about Carol Ann and she came highly recommended so we decided to at least try her out. She was great with communication and easy to work with remotely picking up every time I called and spending as much time as I needed to guide me through making plans for our visit. In addition to thoughtful recommendations about where to look for homes she also added a considerable amount of expertise with what to look for regarding commute soon-to-be expenses like the roof AC unit and structural considerations as well as area dynamics and what types of things would protect our property value. We arrived in the area nervous but prepared to fend off high pressure sales pitches as we went from place to place but the reality was much different.

Carol Ann made us feel so welcomed and comfortable that we were immediately at ease. She spent the next 3 days showing us around the area and talking through the various factors to consider with each property and she quickly became our ally and confidant. It was clear that everyone felt the same way about her as we did as home owners and other real estate agents alike were willing to go to great lengths to accommodate us as we toured around. By the end of our trip we not only felt like local experts but we were able to get details and insights on far more of the area than we ever could have alone. We could tell that Carol Ann was just as proactive as we were about making sure our next step was a good financial move and in the end she actually persuaded us to not buy a home and spend some time renting until buying really made sense she even took us around to look at rental complexes until we found one that was perfect for our family! Carol Ann really guided us into the best move for our financial situation and quality of life. We will be forever in her debt and if we can manage it then we will take her with us wherever we go!